Aaron corporeal

Aaron Covenant

Aaron Covenant is an antagonist of the game and the boss of the Fifth Chapter.


One day as a child he and his siblings: Jeremiah, Lizbeth, Bethany and Ambrose, while at the Standing Stones read a paragraph from a book from their father's library which started the Undying Curse on them.


Of the Covenant siblings Aaron is your most frequent visitor. Making his first appearance in the game at the start, appearing in his ghost form and haunting Patrick as he leaves to the library.
Aaron Covenant Revenant Form

Aaron Covenant as revenant form


Aaron in the library early on in the game

Aaron was the more artistic and creative of the Covenant siblings though his paintings consisted mostly of dark and twisted creatures and landscapes. Aaron would spend long hours in his private studio, located in the manor's inner-courtyard painting and taking mind-altering drugs to try and disassociate himself with the family curse.

One night Aaron mysteriously disappeared from the manor and was presumed dead, his twin sister Bethany denied any involvement despite their strong and aggressive sibling rivalry, later on in the game it is revealed that Bethany is actually responsible for her twin brothers death.

it is not known exactly how Aaron died but from several comments from him in the game aswell as Journal entries it appears he was tortured and flayed, strapped down with chains, eaten alive by rats and had his jaw removed.

In his revenant form, his body is covered in chains,which he uses to attack.You face him down in the crypt beneath the Covenant manor. It is the revenant form that you eventually must defeat.In this form, Aaron attacks from great range with his chains. He also attacks up close, slashing you for terrible damage.