Early detailed map of the Covenant Estate (Eternal Autumn realm not place in our reality in a final game)

The Covenat Estate is the complex of islands and lands owned by the Covenant family located off the coast of Ireland.

The Covenants owns a large estate (the family is not owning only the Trsanti Cavern - though fortress ruins under which there is a cavern too belong to a family). The manor is the centre of the land owned by the founder of the Covenants. To the west from manor located family mausoleum and old cemetery. The Monastery with spacious catacombs constructed separately on a big island takes part of a medieval history, now it completely abandoned and being a touristic land for many adventurers. Near monastery located abandoned farmhouse (not exactly known whether it belonged to the monastery or worked separately). Bethany's cottage located to north east from manor and is a place where the Covenants bringed permission for Bethany to build her own cottage near the forests and a moating river. To north from manor located the lighthouse which operates by Henry Sedgewick. Near the lighthouse is being fortress ruins with secret Trsanti Cavern underground.