Evaline Covenant portrait in Library

Evaline Covenant portrait in Library

Evaline Covenant was the matriarch of the Covenant family.



Evaline was a beautiful young woman pursued by many suitors. She was interested in nature and played the harp. Evaline eventually married Joseph Covenant and birthed five children. She later wrote in her journal that she had misgivings about her life as the bookish Joseph was often cold or inattentive.

Evaline died in childbirth with her fifth child Lizbeth and was interred with the Covenant ancestors in the family mausoleum


Due to the curse placed upon her, Lizbeth arose from death as a demonic monster. With her new powers, she brought her mother back as an undead zombie to keep her company and took her to the ruins of the monastery on the estate grounds.


In October 1923, Patrick Galloway's pursuit of Lizbeth takes him to the catacombs of the monestary. There, he encounters Evaline singing a lullaby at the dining room table. Shocked to see her undead form, Patrick lightly touches her shoulder, but she collapses into her chair. Lizbeth, enraged at Patrick for putting his hands on Evaline, attacks him but is taken down.

After the battle, Evaline walks over the the door and unlocks it revealing the only way out then falls over dead. This act is likely a show of gratitude for finally putting her, and Lizbeth's, soul to rest.


Lizbeth deeply desired the only thing that she was denied in life, a relationship with her mother, apparently never truly appreciating the one she had with her maid. Consequentially, she used her powers to reanimate Evaline and took her away to her new home in the monastery to keep her company forever. Thus, she was very protective of her.


Evaline has at least two death animations. She'll either quickly fall over dead to her right or dramatically fall forward and to the right, hand outstretched as if in agony, as her life drains away.