Jonathan corpse

The corpse of Jonathan McMuir.

Jonathan McMuir was a Catholic Brother who came to the Covenant Estate in search of the Scythe of the Celts. Before he could complete his mission, he broke his leg and was killed by the Howlers. His Journal entry, "Ingredients," gives Patrick his first introduction to the Scythe as well as a means of finding it.


"Ingredients" Journal Entry

I can only hope that someone will find the scribblings of mine, someone who can continue my quest for I may not be long for this earth. I seek a magical talisman, an evil weapon known as the Scythe of the Celt. I fear that this weapon has fallen into the wrong hands, and so I have undertaken a quest to find the Scythe...before it was taken from this ancient Monastery.

You see, hard as it may be to believe, there is a way to travel back to the days when this Monastery was populated with the wise monks who first found the Scythe of the Celt. These monks were versed in the ways of magic, and they had a portal that would allow them to travel across distant lands instantaneously. Across distant times, as well.

I know not exactly where this portal is, but I do know that three items were required to open it. A golden medallion, in the shape of the sun. A potion, made up primarily of mercury. And finally, an ancient scroll on which the incantation to open the portal was written. I myself have found this medallion and hidden it nearby, but the other two components elude me yet.

And now, it appears I will never have a chance to find them. I have broken my leg, and I fear that these strange dog-beasts that roam this land can sense my weakness. They come closer with each passing of the sun. I fear that they will soon attack.

My faith be my armor.

Brother Jonathan McMuir


Patrick comes across the remains of Brother Jonathan's body on his way to the Monastery. Using McMuir's journal, Patrick finds the ingredients necessary to travel back in time, retrieves the Scythe, and with it ends the Undying Curse.