Kellus Constantine was a member of the Brotherhood of St. George and an Abbot at the Monastery.

The Abbot ordered the members of the Monastery to study The Scythe of the Celts in an attempt to better fight the forces of evil. Constantine became uneasy as the Scythe began turning the benevolent clergymen into violent madmen. Constantine had to restrain one of the monks, Brother Abrus, when he was overcome with the Scythe's evil and struck several of the other men down. 


"Abbot's Lament" Journal Entry

May the heirs of the future forgive me. Demons move among us and regrettably I know I am responsible. I have sacrificed the trust of my brothers and hope of ridding the world of a great evil. The consequences are greater than the cost. Even now I hear my brothers' screams of anguish but I cannot save them. I leave this testament to a future hope. Perhaps an emissary will find this incantation and undo that which has been done.

Find the elements of moon and sun and stand before the mirror of time. Call upon the Lords of day and night and invoke incantation that blurs the laws of time.

Stop the demons from stealing the Scythe of the Celts. In the wrong hands this powerful artifact has the ability to unravel the soul. The weapon is forged from chaos and has been our undoing.

Saints preserve us...

Kellus Constantine

Ever vigilant brotherhood of St. George


While searching the Monastery, Patrick reaches Kellus Constantine's room and discovers the Time Incantation and the Silver Key in the large chest. He also finds the clergyman's final journal. These items help Patrick travel back in time.