The Monastery.

The Monastery is an old set of ruins in the present day. It was previously home to St. George Order monks who established the site in the 13th Century.

The monks were killed after unearthing the Scythe of the Celts. From Journal Entries it is discovered that the monks hoped to destroy the Scythe but were instead corrupted by it.

During the course of chasing Lizbeth through the estate Patrick travels backwards in time via a ritual known to the monks and arrives at the Monastery while it was still inhabited. Patrick acquires the Scythe before returning to the present day.

Under The Monastery situated spacious catacombs where Patrick at last drives into a corner and confronts Lizbeth who lived here with her undead mother Evaline.

Known members of St. George Order Edit

  • Brother Jonathan McMuir (modern monk who hopes travel back in time to destroy Scythe of the Celts but was injured and killed by Howlers).
  • The Abbot Kellus Constantine (The Abbot of the Monastery on 1430s years who ordered the monks to unearth and study the Scythe).
  • Brother Abrus (one of the first monks who become mad under The Scythe influence and was restrained by other brothers).
  • Brother William Tufnel (describes the events preceding extraction of a Scythe in 1431)
  • Brother Shanahan (tried to leave the Monastery during events with a Scythe studying. Has been noticed and killed by guards).
  • Brother Nathaniel (controlled operation of Monastery Cisterns to avoid a drought).
  • Brother Laursen (noted spiritual decline in the Monastery, and also the fact that brothers have begun to torture people).
  • Brother Tristram (monk who finds Black Book - probably book with text of Undying Curse)
  • Father Patrick Killkenn (was priest in Covenant Manor Chapel)


  • In both the past and present Monastery a number of Amplifier Stones can be found.
  • In the past Monastery an Arcane Whorl can be found.
  • Various Ammunition and Health Packs can be found around the grounds in past and present.
  • Dynamite is made available to the player to gain access to main part of the catacombs.


Monastery in 1923 Edit

Monastery in 1435 Edit