Undying standingstones

The Standing Stones with the Manor in the Background.

The Standing Stones is an ancient construction that was built before Christmas on small island named King's Head Island. It is located north of the Manor and is a part of Covenant Estate.

In 871 B.C. a Celtic warrior was buried alive on the island. Along with him, the Scythe of the Celts was buried as well. Then, on the site of the burial, five standing stones were constructed, each adorned with a carved sigil.

In the Medieval Era, a group of monks from the Order of St. George established a great Monastery near King's Head Island to study and protect the local monument against evil forces.

During his first visit to the island, Patrick Galloway finds the scroll for the Shield spell. The island later became the place of the final battle between Patrick and the Undying King.


Many years ago, the children of the Covenant family: Jeremiah, Ambrose, Lizbeth, Aaron, and Bethany discovered a strange book on the occult containing a diagram of the standing stones in their father's library.

The children, led by Jeremiah, went out to explore the standing stones, taking the occult book with them. While there, Jeremiah gathered his siblings within the circle of stones and read from the book. However, what was meant as a simple prank to frighten his younger siblings turned out to have far more serious consequences when something answered them, raging the sea, angering the wind, and shaking the earth.

Since that day, the Covenant family has been visited by terrible misfortune and all the Covenant members except for Jeremiah have passed away, though Jeremiah is convinced his siblings have not remained dead.